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Overvoltage protection

If a controller includes regenerative braking, then there is a potential problem if the battery voltage rises too high during braking. If the regenerated voltage is not clamped in some way then the regenerated voltage will simply rise until something fails. Overvoltage protection is this clamping mechanism.

4QD controllers inhibits braking at the clamping level (approx 50v): it does this by speeding up the motor so it is not braked. The same effect will happen if excessive voltage is applied to the controller: the motor will run in attempt to reduce the applied voltage.

This feature limits the regenerated over voltage and is fitted on all controllers having regenerative braking. On the programmable Pro-100 / 160 / 360 models this over voltage limit can be adjusted in the menu.

Generally its level is limited by what the MOSFETs can handle.

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