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NCC Mark 2 Issue Number History

The NCC Mark 2 was issued in 2003 as an update to the earlier highly successful NCC controller. It is very similar – the main noticeable difference being that there is a reduced deadband at the bottom end of the main pot.

As with the Mk 1 – there were two versions of the board, one for the NCC-35 and one for the NCC-70 so issue number tend to alternate.

As usually happens on a new board, there were a number of points on the board which were not optimum, mainly in the ease of assembly. So the issue numbers went through quite fast as the board was improved. It had a short life since it was again redesigned in 2004, this time for surface mount, and it became the VTX.

  • Issue 01. NCC-35. February 2003.
  • Issue 02. NCC-70. February 2003. Board easier to assemble.
  • Issue 03. NCC-70. April 2003
  • Issue 04. NCC-35. July 20003
  • Issue 05. NCC-70. July 2003
  • Issue 06. NCC-35. September 2003