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Multiple Controllers [Double Heading]

Double heading [aka multiple unit or MU running] is when two or more model locos are coupled together and are controlled from a single point.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, and the method chosen depends on the models of the controllers fitted to the locos, the battery voltages involved, and also on the mode of operation required.

There are a couple of things that need to be considered…

  • Direction, will both locos run in the same direction at the same time?
  • Voltage, are both locos running at the same voltage?

Perhaps the simplest way of getting MU working is when DNO controllers are fitted. In this case the expansion ports on the DNOs can be connected together using a 4 way cable. The limitations are that both units will only run in the same direction, the batteries must be the same voltage, and usually a battery equalisation cable must be fitted. More details can be found in the manual and also on this page.

4QD have recently created a double heading board. This was designed to simplify the wiring and make it a much more plug & play affair.

This board gives the following features…

  • Different models of controller can be used.
  • Different voltages are allowed.
  • Hand control or radio control input.
  • Locos can run in the same or different direction.

We also have a seperate page that details other options for double heading the Pro-150 and 4QD series controllers.

Our old VTX and Pro-120 models have an [optional] expansion connector to simplify double heading, so you should use this with these controllers.