Uni: Disabling Regen

Disabling Regen braking. From Issue 7, two scratch-through links are present on the circuit board. If both of these are broken, regenerative braking will be disabled. However this modification is not recommended: our experience shows Read More

UNI: Use with PWM Input

Introduction The Uni controllers sense the voltage on the pot input (after the gain preset) to give pot fault protection. If the voltage on the pot wiper is ever greater than about 5.3v the pot Read More

Uni: POT Track Fused

The ‘pot min’ connection on the Uni controller is directly connected on the component side of the circuit board to the battery -ve. In the event of a wiring fault that causes excess current to Read More

Uni: Alternative Voltage Usage

Warning: Information on this page is given in good faith but you should be aware that any modification to a controller is done entirely at your own risk and will invalidate any guarantee. 4QD will Read More

UNI Speed Controller

The Uni has been replaced by the Porter 5 and Porter 10 controllers. Uni speed controller. Two current ratings are available, the Uni-8 with a current limit of over 100 amps and the Uni-4 with current Read More

UNI / Egret Wiring Options

The Uni and Egret both have a 4 pin input connector, but only require 3 wires for input. This is done to allow different options to be selected by varying the input wiring. Standard 10K Read More