Pro-160 / 360 to JSK-100 wiring

This diagram shows how to hook up one of our JSK-100 joysticks to the Pro-160 / 360. The Pro-160 / 360 should be set to volt mode and joystick mode, and then use pot learn Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Failsafe Contactor

This diagram shows how to incorporate a failsafe contactor into the wiring for the Pro-160. The same schematic also works for the Pro-360 but the J1 link is in a different position. Cutting the track Read More

Double Heading the Pro-160 / 360

Here’s a schematic of how to connect two Pro-160s or 360s together for double heading [master / slave operation. The ignition wires are kept seperate to prevent stray currents causing damage to the controllers if Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Software Versions

This is a list of the formally released Pro-160 / 360 software versions. The Pro-160 and 360 use the same control board with largely the same software. Each software version has a number of different Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Fault Codes

The Pro-160 and Pro-360 have a number of warning messages or error codes that can appear depending on what the controller thinks is happening. This table lists; the code any associated sound signal whether the Read More

Use with Series Wound Motors

Our controllers are principally designed for Permanent Magnet motors, but they can be made to work with series wound motor with some modifications to the wiring. To control speed and direction of a Permanent Magnet Read More