Pro-160 / 360 to JSK-100 wiring

This diagram shows how to hook up one of our JSK-100 joysticks to the Pro-160 / 360. The Pro-160 / 360 should be set to volt mode and joystick mode, and then use pot learn Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Failsafe Contactor

This diagram shows how to incorporate a failsafe contactor into the wiring for the Pro-160. The same schematic also works for the Pro-360 but the J1 link is in a different position. Cutting the track Read More

Double Heading the Pro-160 / 360

Here’s a schematic of how to connect two Pro-160s or 360s together for double heading [master / slave operation. The ignition wires are kept seperate to prevent stray currents causing damage to the controllers if Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Software Versions

This is a list of the formally released Pro-160 / 360 software versions. The Pro-160 and 360 use the same control board with largely the same software. Each software version has a number of different Read More

Pro-160 / 360 Fault Codes

The Pro-160 and Pro-360 have a number of warning messages or error codes that can appear depending on what the controller thinks is happening. This table lists; the code any associated sound signal whether the Read More