Pro-150 Hall Throttle Supply

The Pro-150 can easily be programmed to work with a voltage output from a hall type throttle. What takes a little more thinking about is where the feed for that hall device comes from. It Read More

Pro-150 Hall Throttle Programming

This page describes how to use the “pot learn” feature of the Pro-150 to set it up for operation with a hall effect throttle. Before starting this sequence the Pro-150 should have power connected to Read More

Pro-150 with shunt wound motors

Here’s a diagram showing how to use the Pro-150 with shunt wound motors. The principle is to use the brake driver on the Pro-150 to activate a relay that feeds the field winding, and to Read More

Pro-150 Push Button Use

If you need to control a Pro-150 via forward / reverse push buttons, a neat way to do it is to use the Pro-150 in joystick mode. This diagram shows how to wire it up. Read More

Pro-150 Fault Finding Guide

We’ve written this guide to help customers diagnose and fix problems that may occur with the Pro-150. We don’t release complete circuit diagrams for current models but we hope this guide will shed some light Read More

Pro-150 Pt Fault Code

If a Pro-150 gives the Pt [pot top] fault code, or just gives a continuous rapid beeps, this indicates a pot or wiring fault or blown F1 fuse track such that the voltage on the Read More

Pro-150 Mechanical Information

Pro-150 mechanical information Dimensions Board only: 145mm x 102mm x 38mm With base and cover: 181mm x 121mm x 46mm Weight Board only: 320 gm Complete: 630gm Power connectors 9.5mm push-on for battery, combined with Read More

Pro-150 Basic Wiring Diagram

This diagram shows a basic wiring scheme for the Pro-150 running on 24V with ignition and reversing switches. For clarity we haven’t shown the optional display / programmer which connects via 2 cables to its Read More

DMR-203: Use with PRO-150 Controllers

The DMR-203 may be used with Pro-150 controllers. There are two ways of doing this. One involves a slight modification if the DMR but has simpler wiring. The second does not involve modifying the DMR, Read More

Pro-150 Capacitor Modification

This modification should be applied to all Pro-150 controllers with serial numbers 0198 or higher and lower than 0550. On 0550 and later controllers the capacitor is not fitted. On serial numbers 0198 and lower Read More

PRO-150 Current Limit

The circuit of the Pro-150 is available as a pdf. Current limit amplifier is in the bottom right corner. Current is monitored by sensing the voltage drop across the lowside MOSFETs when they are conducting. Read More

PRO-150 Issue History

These notes are by serial number, rather than by date. The list is mainly for 4QD internal reference so is somewhat technical. 0000 to 0105 Are Mark 1. In these, there was no 12v connection Read More

PRO-150 Joystick Programming

This page describes how to use the “pot learn” feature of the Pro-150 to set up joystick programming, [or wig-wag operation]. Before starting this sequence the Pro-150 should have power connected to B+ and B-, Read More

Multiple Controllers [Double Heading]

This page describes wiring that allows multiple Pro-150s and 4QD series controllers to be controlled from a single speed potentiometer. This is useful when double heading model locomotives. As the Pro-150 is a programmable controller, Read More