Motors in Series or Parallel

Ordinarily a motor should be driven from a voltage source that matches its specification, but a number of our customers have asked about connecting two 12V motors in series in order to run them from Read More

Motor Manufacturers

We are often asked to recommend motor manufacturers, so here is a list of motor manufactures that we know about [in alphabetical order]. Ametek Ampflow AMT Crystalyte motors Electrocraft EV drives Fracmo [closed in summer Read More

Motor Matching

There are two situations where the matching of multiple motors of the same make should be considered. The first is when they are rotating in the same direction, the second is when they are rotating Read More

Motor Examples

Motor examples. Certain motors are very popular and we keep getting asked about them, this section gives our findings on a few of them. We are not the manufacturers and our opinions are just that Read More

Motor Types [detail]

There are several electric motor types that use brushes for d.c. operation. Permanent magnet motors These have two wires. Reversing th polarity of the applied voltage reverses the rotation. Shunt wound motors These have 4 Read More

Motor Types Overview

Permanent Magnet Motors In a Permanent Magnet motor a coil of wire (called the armature) is arranged in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet in such a way that it rotates when a current Read More

Motor Rating Background Information

Introduction It is not always easy to understand a manufacturer’s specification for a particular motor, not least because different manufactures vary as to how conservative they are in specifying their motors. This page is intended Read More