Golf Buggies

Parking Brake Voltage

We have seen a number of cases recently where a 24V parking brake coil has been fitted to a 48V motor. Generally this has been where 2 motors have been fitted to a 48V golf Read More

Fraser Golf Buggies, Wiring for Pro-150

Fraser golf buggies (A La Carts), e.g. the Firefly and Dragonfly originally used 4QD’s Pro-120-48. When the Pro-150 was released, we stopped making the 48v Pro-120 as the Pro-150 is just as simple and does Read More

Golf Carts – Overview

One of 4QD’s principal markets is ride-on golf carts or buggies. Now there is a different market for buggies in UK as opposed to the USA. Most American machines use petrol engines and the buggies Read More