Controller Wiring Diagrams

Double Heading Wiring Diagram [DNO]

This diagram shows how to connect two DNOs in different model locomotives together using the expansion port.     You can download a PDF version here. For the slave cable we recommend using a bulgin Read More

Pro-150 Basic Wiring Diagram

This diagram shows a basic wiring scheme for the Pro-150 running on 24V with ignition and reversing switches. For clarity we haven’t shown the optional display / programmer which connects via 2 cables to its Read More

Switching for Double Heading

We were asked for a diagram for a double heading switch that could let either loco be at the front of the pair, and could be facing either way. This seems to make selection of Read More

Wiring for Push Button Use

This diagram shows how to connect a Pro or DNO (or earlier NTX and NCC) series controller for push button use, or with a centre-off switch. Note that the diode shown between the buttons must Read More

UNI / Egret Wiring Options

The Uni and Egret both have a 4 pin input connector, but only require 3 wires for input. This is done to allow different options to be selected by varying the input wiring. Standard 10K Read More

Double Heading Pro-150 / 4QD series

As the Pro-150 is a programmable controller, two Pro-150 that are set up identically will behave identically so that double heading them is very simple and doesn’t need the complication of an extra connector. This Read More