Application Wiring Diagrams

Radio Control Wiring Hints

Any radio controlled machine with motors has potential problems, and this page of radio control wiring hints hopefully helps to identify and solve them. The block diagram shows the electrical system of a typical radio Read More

Charging a 24V System From a 12V Source

One thing that sometimes puts people off 24v systems is the difficulty (and expense) in getting 24v chargers. Firstly, cheap 12v chargers are made for occasional use, for topping up car batteries. They do not Read More

Double Heading Pro-150 / 4QD series

As the Pro-150 is a programmable controller, two Pro-150 that are set up identically will behave identically so that double heading them is very simple and doesn’t need the complication of an extra connector. This Read More

Double Heading Switch

We were asked for a system such that either loco could be at front and could be facing either way. This seems to make selection of reverse very complicated, but it is in fact quite Read More