RBT Pot Rotation

After extended use we have seen a few cases where the potentiometer fitted to our RBT series of hand control boxs have rotated slightly in their mounting brackets. The symptom is that the motor will Read More

Customised Arc Potentiometers

We occasionally get asked about potentiometers with operational arcs that are different to the standard 270′ or our own custom 50′ version. Rob Smallwood gave us this idea which involves using a log pot such Read More

Radio Receiver Fault

This problem deserves a place in the knowledgebase if only because we posted a lot of equipment backwards and forwards before we found the solution. The system; 2 x DNO-10, DMR-203, Ex 2.4 GHz radio Read More

DMR-203 Drop-Out Fault

This dmr-203 drop-out fault was one of the strangest ones I’ve seen for a while, as it took so long to solve it deserves a place in the knowledgebase. The system; VTX-75-24, DMR-203, Spektrum DX Read More

Tacho Set-Up

Tacho generator systems can seem quite complicated: they are closed loop feedback systems where the Tacho generator (perhaps a small permanent magnet motor) is connected to the main motor shaft so that the two turn Read More

DMR-203: Use with PRO-150 Controllers

The DMR-203 may be used with Pro-150 controllers. There are two ways of doing this. One involves a slight modification if the DMR but has simpler wiring. The second does not involve modifying the DMR, Read More

Joystick Suppliers

There are many companies that supply joysticks, these are some that we know of…. In the UK: RS components Their part number 506-3602 is a good place to start. P-Q Controls In Germany: Gessmann In Read More