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JSK-120 Driving Two Pro-360s

A common installation on electric boats is to have a single JSK-120 [or other 5V hall effect throttle] driving two Pro-360 controllers. This diagram shows a simple example of how the wiring can be done. There are no contactors shown in this version.

A diagram showing a single JSK-120 driving two Pro-360s

A PDF version is here… Single JSK-120 driving two Pro-360s

The 50 ohm resistors are to limit any surge current that can flow through the ignition circuits, without these it is possible for the fuse tracks to blow.

We have now designed a splitter box that incorporates this circuit, it makes connecting up this system a lot easier, the diagram now looks like this.


How to connect 2 pro-360 controllers to a single JSK-120 using a splitter box

The splitter box is not yet listed in our shop, please contact us for details.