Joystick [aka wig-wag] [tour 21]

A joystick (know in USA as a Wig-Wag control) is a lever operated speed and direction control. Move the lever forward to go forward, and pull it back to go backwards. The speed is controlled by how far forward (or back) you pull the lever.

This system is little used on golf buggies, go-karts, kiddiecars, materials handling and other machines. It is often used in marine applications so it is fitted as standard only on our 4QD series. The Pro-150 can be easily programmed for joystick operation.

On other reversing controllers it can be added very easily with a small additional card called a joystick interface. 4QD offer several flavours for different uses. Joystick Interfaces

Controllers for joystick operation

These controllers can be configured for joystick operation:

  • 4QD series
  • Pro-150

An interface board is available for these controllers:

  • DNO series
  • Pro-120

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