High pot lockout HPLO [tour 25]

If the controller’s ignition is turned on while the throttle pot is not at zero the vehicle could accelerate to speed. High pot lockout [HPLO] prevents this by disabling the vehicle until the throttle returned to zero. When this is done, the controller resets itself automatically.

The feature is not fitted to the DNO series – which are mostly fitted and driven by users. It is most appropriate when the controller is to be fitted in a machine for resale.

The feature may be disabled.


This method senses the resistance of the potentiometer and disables the controller if the pot is not at zero speed when switched on. This is the system on Pro-120.


The 4QD series use this, it operates not on pot impedance, but on the voltage at the speed input when the controller is switched on.

Feature fitted on

  • 4QD series
  • Pro 150
  • Pro 120

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