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Forward / off / reverse mode or push-button operation

Some controllers can be used with either a 3 position toggle or rocker to give forward / off / reverse or with two push buttons to give ‘go forward’ and ‘go reverse’ control.

The DNO and Pro-120 / 150 models need an extra diode in the wiring. Details are in the page Pushbuttons Wiring, Pro and DNO. A speed pot is permanently connected and left set to the desired speed. Then a signal is applied either to the ignition input – when the controller will start up and operate in forward mode, or to the reverse input – when the controller will start up and operate in reverse.

The Pro-100 / 160 / 360 models have push button inputs and a push button mode in the software.

With controllers that have high pot lockout this needs to be disabled if using push buttons as this prevents the controller working if a demand speed is present when the controller is switched on.

However the 4QD series have an inhibit input can be thus used, but requires a little ingenuity. Details are in an application note.


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