Fitting a Porter to a PDQ Power trike

Here’s how to fit a Porter 5 into a PDQ power trike.

You will need the following parts:

  • A Porter 5 modified with a vertical 5 way IDC connector instead of the horizontal one [we can do this for you].
  • A Magura twistgrip throttle [or other potentiometer arrangement].
  • A DNO heatsink [or other aluminium plate].
  • 8mm x M4 pan head screws [3 off].
  • A 5 position “choc block” screw connector.


  1. Remove the existing control box and open it up, remove the old Scientific Generics controller.
  2. Modify a 4QD DNO heatsink so that it fits the box.
  3. Modify a Porter 5 by changing the horizontal 5 way IDC connector for a vertical one [we can do this for you].
  4. Mount the Porter onto the modified heatsink.
  5. Cut off the connectors inside the box for the throttle, and brake switch.
  6. Mount the Porter and heatsink inside the box.
  7. Replace the old hall effect throttle with the Magura twist grip potentiometer.
  8. Use the “choc block” screw connector to wire up the throttle and brake as shown.

PDQ Porter 5 wiring diagram

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