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Egret Speed Controller

This page is for reference only: the Eagle is no longer manufactured. Suggested replacement is the Porter.

The Egret is essentially the circuit board used in the Eagle series. It has all the features of the Eagle series. The bare board has uninsulated MOSFETs, the performance is very similar to that of the standard Eagle controller. You must mount this using standard MOSFET insulators (supplied).

Power connections via 1/4ยจ push-on tags. Pot connection via 3 core cable to the 4 pin connector on board. The 4th pin is to allow connection of a battery meter, or to enable certain options. Mating connector is supplied, our type IDC-004.


(ins version with insulated MOSFETs)

Supply voltage 12v – 36v (adjust gain preset to suit)
Supply current 20mA with no motor load
Output voltage 0 to 100% full speed
Output current 40 amps typical
15A continuous (no heatsink)
Voltage drop 170mV at 20 amps, typical 40amp version
Switching frequency 20kHz approximately
Input 10k pot or Hand Control Box
Input voltage (adjustable) 0.6v power up
3v full speed
6.5v overvoltage cutoff (pot fault detect)
Acceleration ramp time 2.3 secs, approx (to full speed)
Battery discharge protection approx 10.5v for standard model
Size 94mm x 48mm x 15mm (without wiring)
Weight 30g


The board includes battery discharge protection which is set to about 10.5v on the standard board.

The unit is current limited with 4QD’s fast monitoring circuitry so it is safe with any motor, whether stalled or even into short circuit. The current limit folds down as the controller heats up keeping the MOSFETs safe, even with no additional heatsink.

Construction: the controller consists of a circuit board with MOSFETs mounted underneath. The MOSFETs are insulated (or standard TO220 for 40 amp version). The controller is mounted by screwing down through the MOSFET mounting holes onto a suitable base which will also act as a heatsink.

The controller as supplied is suitable for 12v to 36v operation with a preset adjustment (the gain preset) to match to potentiometer and voltage.

As supplied the controller has battery positive on the 4 pin connector, to drive a Battery Condition Monitor.

Various options may be selected in the wiring: see Egret wiring

Other features and specifications as Eagle series.


View of board, showing MOSFETs through cut-out.


You can download the instruction manual, in PDF format, via our manuals and catalogues page.