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Easybike Wiring Notes

The name ‘Easybike’ has been used by more than one manufacturer: Easybike of Colchester, United Kingdom. This page only applies to one such machine.

Back in the late 90s, Easybike used our controllers in their machines. The early 1QD (see Mark 1 1QD below) had slight modification, some of which were incorporated into the Mark 2.

This was in the early 1990s, and we do not have notes of all of this, so the information below is given in good faith and without any guarantees.

The 1QD-70-24 is no longer made. Suitable replacement controllers are the Porters.

Mark 2 and Mark 3 wiring

The diagram below was sent to EasyBike in early 1999 and applies to the later 1QDs.Easybike
An accompanying fax said:

In fact the modification does considerably simplify your wiring, as we expected.

The pot resistor: standard value is 27K: this needs to be reduced to 10K for a 5K pot.

This resistor is in series with the ‘Switch etc’, from the internal 24v rail. You could put a link in here and simply use the external plug-in resistor, but (unless you say otherwise) your spec for future orders states ’10K’.

You now do not need the extra resistor on a flying lead!

However the notes we have say

Pot resistor linked out for BCM.
external 10K resistor for 5K Magura.

Mark 1 1QD

The Mk 1 1QD had no part number on the board. Mark 2 and Mark 3 had the part number etched in the copper, 30-37-02 and 30-37-03 respectively.

The modification to the Mk 1 was that the pot resistor, Rg, was 15K and only one end (the left end on the diagram) was wired into the circuit board: the other end went to the ignition switch and hence to battery positive.

The circuit diagram of the 1QD is available.
As well as the notes above, the resistor (marked 10K) in series with the pot wiper has been changed occasionally – it scales the controller so that full speed is reached at full pot rotation and you may find a different value has been used.