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Double Heading Board Notes

This page has general information on the DHB-202 double heading board.

This diagram shows an overview of how a system can be wired.

In this diagram we have shown an extra CLM-807 being used between the DHB-202 and the front of loco 2. This allows for an easy connection between the locos by means of a short DIN to DIN lead. We recommend only using 6 wires for this lead, this keeps the HRBs separate and prevents batteries at different voltages causing damage.

This arrangement also makes it easy to switch between single engine operation and double heading mode.

Controller 2 [socket C2] provides power for the DHB-202.

Batteries B1 and B2 can be different voltages BUT B2 must be 24V or lower if the DHB-202s internal power supply is to be used. If B2 is greater than 24V then an alternative 5V supply must be provided – on the Pro-160 / 360 this can come from the BEC socket.

Selection between hand control and radio control operation is done by a jumper link on the board.

Note: the zero value from the output of the DHB-202 is very slightly different from the RBT-24V throttle. To prevent this causing creep, we recommend using the pot learn function on both controllers to teach them the zero and full speed positions.