Double Ended Tram Control

We were asked to create a wiring scheme that would allow two driving positions [one at each end] to share a single Pro-160 / 360 using our hall effect joystick throttles.

This scheme requires a DPDT key switch at each end, only one key should be available so that only one end is active at any time.

Pro-160 double ended tram control

The BEC socket on the Pro-160 feeds both hall throttles, but only a single input is selected via SW1b or SW2b.

SW1a and SW2a provide the ignition function at each end to switch the Pro-160 on.

If joystick operation is selected then Reverse 1 and 2 switches are not required.

The Pro-160 should be set to throttle input = volt mode, and pot learn used to define the zero, max forward, and max reverse values.




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