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Wiring for Push Button Use

This diagram shows how to connect a Pro or DNO (or earlier NTX and NCC) series controller for push button use, or with a centre-off switch.

Note that the diode shown between the buttons must be fitted or reverse will not work. Any diode will work, e.g. 1N4148.

With this wiring, the speed pot can be left at a fixed setting and the controller operated by the two push butons.

Note that it is very similar to the standard wiring shown in the manual, the only difference is that yellow is now used as the common for ignition and reverse lines rather than white.


push button
push button wiring

The diagram shows two push buttons above but this can easily be a 3 position (centre off) toggle switch.

It is also possible to fit the diode and a speed control resistor pair to the PCB during manufacture, this will allow a soft start forward and reverse control from a toggle switch.


As supplied, the Pro-120 includes HPLO (High Pot Lock Out). This must be disabled as explained in the instruction manual.


Although this scheme will work with the Pro-150, it will result in the controller switching on and off each time a button is pressed. There is a neater way of  doing it here.

Battery condition meter

A battery condition meter can be added: you will have to connect it from the yellow wire rather than from the white and it will therefore be permanently on. If you want to switch this off you will need a third switch in the yellow wire.

All these bits are illustrated in our accessories catalogue.