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DNO Version history

The DNO PCB number is 30-2D-01. The following is a list of modifications listed by serial number.

The DNO was originally designed to block transition from ahead to reverse without reducing the throttle to zero. A number of customers asked if it was possible to remove this block so that the behaviour matches that of the VTX, this can be achieved by the addition of a single capacitor as shown in this modification sheet. The change was incorporated in all DNOs from serial number 16300 onwards.

17500 [DNO-10 only] Sept 2017

We saw a couple of cases of DNO-10s that were operating at the upper end of their current rating where the reverse polarity protection mosfet overheated and un-soldered itself, this in turn resulted in the associated PCB track burning through. The thickness of copper on the PCB for the DNO-10 was increased to improve the handling of higher currents. These boards are coloured blue to aid identification.

21100 March 2021

The LM339 quad op-amps were changed to LM239s to improve the stability of operation at temperatures at or below 0’C.

We also started applying conformal coating to the components associated with the current trip circuit to prevent tripping if condensation occurs on the PCB. Full details are here.