DNO Version history

The DNO PCB number is 30-2D-01. The following is a list of modifications listed by serial number.

The DNO was originally designed to block transition from ahead to reverse without reducing the throttle to zero. A number of customers asked if it was possible to remove this block so that the behaviour matches that of the VTX, this can be achieved by the addition of a single capacitor as shown in this modification sheet. The change was incorporated in all DNOs from serial number 16300 onwards.

17500 [DNO-10 only] Sept 2017

We saw a couple of cases of DNO-10s that were operating at the upper end of their current rating where the reverse polarity protection mosfet overheated and un-soldered itself, this in turn resulted in the associated PCB track burning through. The thickness of copper on the PCB for the DNO-10 was increased to improve the handling of higher currents. These boards are coloured blue to aid identification.