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DNO and Sound Cards

When using DNO with a sound card you will need to give the sound card a signal that relates to the speed of the model. There are a number of ways to do this described below..

  1. Use the M+ / M- output. This will be a 0V to 24V [B+] signal, with a 20kHz square wave PWM profile. This signal will follow any ramp settings, but it may also exceed B+ during regen braking which may cause problems for some sound cards [see this fix for Mtroniks cards].
  2. Use the pot wiper signal. This will be a 0V to 7.8V signal corresponding to the throttle position and will not follow any ramp settinngs. This signal is not buffered so any electrical noise originating in the sound card may affect the operation of the DNO.
  3. Use the speed signal on pin C of the expansion connector. This will be a 0V to 7.8V signal that follows any ramp settings, it is buffered from the input and is what we use to drive our sound card convertor module.