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We get a lot of enquiries about batteries, their performance, and what is the best type or brand of battery for an application. One very promising chemistry is the newer Lead Carbon type, it has the high current capability of conventional starting batteries, but with a high cycle life and the ability to withstand deep discharge.
At 4QD we aren’t battery experts, but we are interested in the subject and have picked up a bit of knowledge about it, here are some links to sites that provide further information.
If you really want to go into depth then the Battery University is worth a look.For general battery expertise Insat International are worth checking out, they can re-cell old batteries, fix or uprate BMS’, supply brand new or custom batteries …..  Tel: +44 (0)20 8361 1790. Very good for rejuvenating existing battery systems such as in the PDQ powertrike.We’ve also got a link to a full glossary of electrical terms at the electrical school.

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