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Alternative Double Heading [MU] Solution

Credit for this elegant solution for double heading [MU] goes to Dale Furseth from Train Mountain. His neat idea of using a relay to switch the ignition of the front loco means that the locos can use different battery voltages if required. Each loco can be driven independently by plugging an RBT handset [or equivalent] into the rear 8w DIN socket. The aux relays are for providing power to things like horns and lights etc.

Alternative wiring for double heading operation

This system has been developed and proved on the Train Mountain maintenance locos.

To help protect against incorrect alignment of the RBT plug and socket we would recommend fitting a 0.1A self re-setting fuse in the blue wire of each loco.

This scheme will allow a mixture of Pro-150s, 160s, and 360 as these all have a 5V pot feed. Pro-120s and DNOs have a pot feed of 7.8V, and the 4QD-200 / 300s have a pot feed of 11V. Do not use this scheme to mix controllers with different pot feed voltages.