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48V and Above

If you need a 48V motor controller then we have a number of options, because of our designs most of our controllers can be made in 48v versions. This generally involves upgrading several components to higher voltage devices and the use of higher voltage MOSFETs and capacitors, as well as increasing the overvoltage clamping.

Operation above 48V

A 48v battery on charge may be around 56v. If regenerated power is fed into such a fully charged battery, it will not accept more charge and it goes into overcharge. If you look at the overvoltage specification on most controller this is around 68v to allow overcharge.However the maximum safe working voltage of the capacitors in 48v models is 62v and this should not be exceeded for any significant time or the capacitors will overheat and explode. One of the reasons why we don’t make higher voltage controllers is that the next voltage capacitors (100v) are of significantly lower capacitance in the same can size, so most controllers would need more capacitors which would mean a complete redesign. However we have recently [March 2016] found a supplier of higher voltage capacitors, and are currently evaluating these in a number of designs so please ask for an update if you are interested.

Available 48v controllers

  • The Pro-160s and Pro-360s are programmable, full H-bridge controllers, the HV versions are rated up to 84V [Vmax = 100V].
  • The Pro-100 is a programmable controller working from 12V to 65V.
  • The 4QD series, these are wide operating voltage range: the -48 version will work between 18V and 60V max
  • The Pro-150 is a programmable controller working from 18V to 60V.
  • The Porter 5 and Porter 10 will work from 12V to 60V.
  • The DNO is not designed for 48V operation but may be used with certain provisions. See notes on the DNO specification page.