Options - 4QD - Electric Motor Control


All of 4QD’s controllers can have some optional extras;

Water resistant coating; this is a high performance acrylic coating which is applied by hand after we have tested and assembled your controller. It doesn’t mean you can take it swimming, but it does make the controller a lot more resistant to splashes and high levels of humidity. We recommend this option if you are fitting to a boat, or to a golf cart due to the spray from the wheels on wet grass.

IDC pack; all our controllers come with sufficient IDC plugs to connect to all the sockets. Some customers like to be prepared in case they need to make changes to the wiring and to that end we offer extra IDC packs. The contents depend on the model of controller as follows;
Porter = 2 x IDC-005
DNO  = 2 x IDC-006, 1 x IDC-003, 1 x IDC-004
Pro-150 = 2 x IDC-006, 1 x IDC-003
4QD-200 / 300 = 2 x IDC-006, 1 x IDC-003, 2 x IDC-004

48V optimisation; although the 4QD-200 / 300 will run on 24V or 48V, there are some modifications that we can do at production to optimise performance at 48V.