Plant Watering Robot

The guys at Team Sprayers built this laboratory robot for applying water / fertiliser to plants over 20 years ago. The old RS motor controller is obsolete now so they asked us if we could re-create the control system for them. We used one of our Pro-160s set up for push button operation, wired in some limit switches, and tweaked a few settings – job done!

A plant watering robot

Hydraulic Pump Control

The guys from Osbit and Hyserve brought this heavy-duty test rig into our workshop. We’re helping them develop a hydraulic pump control system, this is using a 5kW series wound motor to drive the pump which will be used in an off-shore application. They need to be able to limit the system pressure by using a hall sensor to detect and limit the motor speed. We’re using one of our Pro-360-HCs which has a hall input. Initially the sensor gave strange readings but we tracked this down to the hex heads of the bolts being used to trigger it. 5 minutes with a hacksaw and the system was running smoothly.

hydraulic pump test rig

Seed Spreader

Tom from Tramline Tec came to us with an interesting project to upgrade the torque of an automated seed or fertilizer spreader. He had integrated high accuracy GPS with some clever software to control and map application rates for seeds and fertilizers at a very precise level across a field. The problem was that the output of the logic unit was not strong enough to drive the rather chunky motor attached to the spreader particularly with some of the larger seeds envisaged. We created a small custom PCB to provide a voltage divider / low pass filter for his output signal and then fed that into one of our Porter 10 controllers.

Here it is in action…..

YouTube video