Industrial machine control - 4QD - Electric Motor Control

Industrial Machine Control

We have helped companies design our motor controllers into a wide range of industrial machines across many sectors worldwide, some examples are;

  • Electric torque wrench [railway]
  • Camera equipment [film / special effects]
  • Stage equipment [theatre]
  • Scissor hoists [garage equipment]
  • Hydraulic pump speed control [agriculture and marine]
  • Automated feeding, and livestock handling [agriculture]
  • Factory and warehouse handling equipment [automotive and retail]
  • Greenhouse window systems [agriculture]
  • Turret rotation system [defence]
  • Winches [marine and automotive]
  • Fuel transfer systems [motorsport]
  • Fluid pumps in equipment large and small.
  • Field winding current control for a  large steelworks gantry crane
  • A 16 tonne automated vehicle in a nuclear waste handling facility
  • Test equipment in the semiconductor industry
  • and many, many more……

If you have a brushed DC motor in your application and need a speed controller for it, then the chances are that we can help.

If you know the specification you need then our range is here,  otherwise please give us a call, we’re on 01487 450520 and are happy to chat about your project.