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Warranty repairs

All controllers are covered by a warranty against defects in manufacturing for one year from the date of purchase.

For any repair under warranty we need:

Please note:

Repair Service

We offer a fixed price repair service for our controllers. The charges are given below.

Repair Charges

4QD Range4QD-200;4QD-30024.0060.00
PRO RangePRO-120;PRO-15020.0045.00
DNO/VTX RangeDNO-005;DNO-010;VTX-40;VTX-7520.0035.00
Porter RangePorter 5; Porter 10; Porter 4020.0030.00
AccessoriesRBT hand control;DMR-20310.0025.00

All prices quoted here are in UK Pounds (Sterling), and are VAT inclusive. They do not include return carriage which is payable in addition and depends on location.

Please note:

Older Controllers

We try to hold parts for older controllers, but it is not always possible. If a controller is over 5 years old, it may not be possible to repair it, but we will certainly take a look. We are unlikely to be able to repair controllers that are over 10 years old.

Part Exchange Option

If the returned item is not repairable, then a 10% discount will be given against a new controller.

Returning equipment

All Countries

Non EEC Countries

To avoid import duty being charged by UK customs, it is very important to mark the parcel and any paperwork

Faulty equipment of EEC manufacture, for repair. No commercial value

You will need to fill in a customs form: declare the goods truthfully as, for instance, Motor speed controllers. You will probably have to declare a value - but clearly as the goods are faulty, the value is nominal only, maybe 2% of their listed price.

Failure to do this may cause the UK customs to add on a heavy charge - which we will have to pay and charge back to you.

Some countries may also have customs 'temporary export' forms. For example, South Africa does (P.T. 619 - 1986/87). Filling one of these in should speed the incoming customs clearance of the equipment when it is returned to you.

Return Address

The address to which to send any returns is:

Further repair and fault finding information

More detailed and model specific repair information is given here.

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