4QD - DC Motor Control

Controllers and features

This table lists the 4QD range of motor controllers and their features.

 .4QD.Pro-150Pro-120.DNO.Porter 5Porter 10
 .  .  .  .  
 .  .  .  .  
Current (approx 1 minute).140180.-150120.5075.75120
12v.N.18 thro 58Y #2.on-board selectable.12v thro 68v
24v.18v thro 48v.YY..Y
48v #8..YY.see notes on page.Y
 ..  .  .  
Reverse polarity protection.ext.YY.Y.Y
Overvoltage protection.Y.YY.Y.Y
 .  .  .  .  
Regen braking.Y.YY.Y.Y
 .  .  .  .  
Dual ramp reversing .Y.#1Y.Ys.n/a
Pre-select Reversing.N.#1mod.Ys.n/a
Half speed reverse .Y.#1Y.Ys.n/a
 .  .  .  .  
Ramping.A&D.#1A&D.A & D.A & D
Parking brake.Y.YY.Y.N
 .  .  .  .  
Gain adjustment .Y.#1Y.Y.N
Joystick/Wig-wag input.internal option.#1Acc.Acc.n/a
Radio Control .Acc.askAcc.Acc.ask
Tacho feedback.Mod.askAcc.Acc.ask
 .  .  .  .  
Ignition, Electronic.Y.Progact.active.pot
Pot fault protection.Y.YY.Y.Y
High pedal lockout.automatic.Yign.N.N
 .  .  .  .  
Battery discharge protection.Y.#1#3.N.N
Current limit - drive.Adjustable.#1Y.Y.Y
Current limit - regen.Y.#1Y.Y.N
Thermal shutdown (90ĔC).trip.#1Y.trip.N
 .  .  .  .  
Bare board.N.YY.N.Y
Heatsink.Integral.opt #5opt #5.Integral.mounting
 .  .  .  .  
Double heading.N.askopt.Y.n/a
Powerdown state (motor) .open-circuit.shortedshorted.shorted.Diode
Power connections #6.M6 studs.9.5mm9.5mm.6.3mm.6.3mm

Key to Table

Ystandard feature
Ysstandard features, can be disabled on-board by a modification
Nnot available
DiodeDiode allows motor to be wheeled forward but not reverse
askContact 4QD. Feature is generally not available but could be designed in if demand is sufficient.
AccFeature may be added by Accessory board.
extFeature may be added externally to the controller.
optoptional Accessory
n/anot applicable
mod(ification)value may be changed by changing a component
A&Dlinear ramp on Accelerate and decelerate - both independently adjustable.
Aramped Accel only (fast decel) factory set.

Notes #

There is also an archive of obsolete models, for reference only. This can be useful if you wish to identify a controller to be replaced.

Operating voltages

24v and 36v
All controllers are available for 24v operation. Some will work on 36v as well while other controllers have a 36v version available.
12v operation
A separate page lists controllers available for 12v operation.
48v operation
A separate page lists controllers available for 48v operation.
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