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Pro 150
Professional 4 Quadrant 24v - 48v motor controller

The controller is electrically and mechanically interchangeable with the Pro-120 in most applications.


The picture above shows the Pro-150 as supplied on order code PRO-150, below.
5a.gif Friendly
Probably the most user-friendly programmable controller available. Programming is easy, using the (optional) display. In use, the display shows the system state and an on-board sounder also indicates any problems. The Pro-150 will function as a standard controller without any programming.
5a.gif Micro computer technology
Uses a RISC AVR microcontroller for
  • repeatable performance
  • versatility
  • system fault detection and display
  • battery monitoring
  • user programmability
  • thermal management
5a.gif Programmable
The programmer and the display are the same unit - in two halves so they can be separated once initial programming is done! The display, once the controller has been installed, is used to show battery state and to give a visible indication of any fault detected.

User programming is comprehensive, yet very simple. The controller has several built in sets of performances, or Personalities, to suit for instance, a ride-on golf buggy, a miniature locomotive, a boat etc. Each personality is separately programmable without affecting the other Personalities.

A separated page details the programming method and lists the programmable functions.

5a.gif Economical
There is no separate, expensive programmer, so user programming becomes economical and sensible even for the low volume user. Contrast this with 'industry standard' controllers, designed for high volume users, where the programmer costs far more than the controller!
5a.gif Simple wiring
All essential inputs are on one 6-way connector. Should the more advanced features be required, these are on a separate connector. The connectors are detailed on the mechanical data page.

The instruction manual and wiring diagrams are on line as are instructions for double-heading this controller. See links at bottom of this page.

5a.gif Full featured
The microcontroller (on-board computer) gives control of almost any parameter that can be imagined! Though not all are available for user programming.
5a.gif General specification
Mechanical specification, with a drawing and photographs
instruction manual
5a.gif Safe
The on-board computer monitors the controller and much of the external system. Should a fault be detected, the computer will not only shut down the controller but will give and indication of the fault on the (optional) external display.
5a.gif On-board sounder
An on board sounder gives audible indication of any fault detected. Or it can be configured as a reversing sounder. This feature brings the controller to life during setting up - and makes diagnosis of system faults via telephone easy!
5a.gif Wide operating voltage
The standard controller will operate with 24v, 36v or 48v batteries (14v through 42v).
5a.gif Versatile
Special programming becomes possible so that 4QD may introduce special features such as
  • Radio control
  • Serial control from PC
  • Positional servo control
  • Time profiled current limiting
  • Log of system faults detected

if these (or other) features interest you, please use the contact button.
The comprehensive instructions are available from our Catalogues and Instructions section.
Standard controller comes with
  • Base/heatsink plus cover
  • Display/Programmer
  • Interconnecting cables from controller to display

For bulk customers, these items are are all available separately.

Extras you will need:
  • Throttle pot, switches etc for you 'Tiller' (hand controls)
  • Battery wires and connectios
  • Motorwires and connectios

Most of these may be found and ordered from our accessories section

Extras that are supplied
Board is supplied with 6 way IDC for control input and 3 way for parking brake.
If you order a hand control box RBT-824 the 6 way IDC comes with the control lead.

ItemPrice ListAdd to cart
PRO-150AddComplete. With base, cover and display
The controller can also be supplied without various 'extras'
PRO-150bAddController board only (without base, cover and display)
PRO-150xAddWith base and cover but without display
PRO-DSSAddDisplay / programmer
POT-103Add10K potentiometer

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