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Ordering and general terms of trading

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Quantity Discounts

The prices quoted in our price list here are the small quantity prices. Larger discounts are available for trade and for 10 or more of any one item.

The shopping basket will automatically give you the correct price for small quantities of less than 10 off only.

You may like to initially contact your local distributor for quantity discounts. Policy of local distributors varies.

Otherwise, contact our sales department (use the Contact button at head or foot) for a quote if you will be ordering larger quantities.

We have price breaks at 10, 30, 50 and 100 off, as well as for larger quantities.


You may purchase direct from the factory at the prices shown in our shopping basket.

We also have distributors in many countries and a list of these distributors is available.

Note that 4QD do not dictate trading terms or prices charged by distributors: this is, in many countries, illegal! All conditions of trading herein apply only to transactions made direct with 4QD.

Ordering direct from UK

Several methods of ordering are available. These are listed in order of our own preference.

  1. Shopping Basket
    Ordering by our Zope shopping basket and Secure server is very easy, wherever you are in the world. You will probably wish to use this. The ordering information you give is accurate and arrives at our sales desk tailored to fit our system, so this is our preferred method!

  2. Email
    You can still order by standard email. However - it will help us greatly if you lay your order out in the body of the email in a standard manner - an example order is available.

  3. Fax
    You may order by fax. However - this involves our manually re-typing all of your order details so is potentially error prone.
    Fax Number: +44 1638 744 080

  4. By post

    If you prefer to mail us an order and cheque, our address is:


    30 Reach Road
    CB5 0AH
    United Kingdom

  5. Telephone
    Sorry - we are a manufacturing organisation, we do not have a dedicated telephone sales line.

Payment Methods

  1. Credit Card
    We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch payments - but there is a minimum amount of £10.00.
    Sorry, we cannot accept American Express.

    When paying by credit card you will probably find our shopping basket the easiest but if you prefer to order by fax or email, we also need the card number,start and end dates and the 3 digit security code.

  2. Cheque
    Cheques must be in Sterling, drawn on any bank having a London branch and made payable to 4QD.

  3. Postal or money order
    You can also pay by postal order or by international money order (aka Moneygram), in Sterling.

  4. Bank Transfer
    by arrangement, you can pay by Bank Giro transfer direct to our bank account but there are extra charges to be paid for this and it is generally only arranged for orders over about £500 UKP..

    Please use the contact button to email us for details.


Most items listed on our internet price list are normally in stock in UK.

Prices and Carriage charges

The price you see is the price you pay us. We pay VAT on all UK and European pre-paid orders.

There is an extra charge for carriage:

Area Order below £200.00Order above £200.00
UK £5.00£10.00
Europe £10.00£15.00
Rest of the world £20.00We will advise

All low value (less than £200.00) orders will normally be despatched by standard airmail. Above this tends to be heavier and we use a carrier.

Ordering from other countries

4QD have distributors in several other countries. Address and contacts list. Or you may prefer to order via our www site.

Important note: importing goods

We know from experience that sending goods to USA (and some other countries) is unpredictable: in theory any goods imported are subject to import duty and packages may be intercepted at port of entry. If so you may be charged duty plus handling and COD charges. This is clearly beyond our control and is a small risk you take on importing goods direct.

Customs officers are more rigorous in certain areas and countries than in others, so you may be charged duty and handling. There is nothing 4QD can do about this and, if a parcel does get intercepted, 4QD cannot assist with clearance nor can we reimburse any money you may have to pay.

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