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Controller Features

Welcome to our guided tour explaining about the available features on our controllers.

Modern controllers have lots of different features. But this gives rise to a lot of technical jargon. So our controller specification pages have these features listed as a series of links: if you don't understand the feature, click on the link for an explanation. This index lists all these individual pages and lets you take a 'circular tour' of the explanations. Hopefully you will find the descriptions of the features clear without too much technical jargon. If you want to get more technical, then our answers to all your questions on battery motor control pages are also very useful.

But some browsers may prefer to have a read through all (or some of) the features before viewing the individual specification pages. So this page is an index to all the listed features: click on the links as you wish.

At the bottom of this page you can start a circular guided tour of all the features, ending up back on this page. We hope you enjoy it!

The final page of the tour is a check list, showing which controller have which features.

Pages indexed in order of the tour

  1. Choosing a controller.
  2. Motors.
  3. What does a motor speed controller do?
  4. Battery current and motor current
  5. MOSFETs.
  6. Half Bridge.
  7. Switching frequency.
  8. Regen braking.
  9. Current limit.
  10. Thermal shutdown.
  11. Heatsinking.
  12. Electronic Ignition.
  13. Power-Down State.
  14. Ramps, acceleration and deceleration
  15. Reversing.
  16. (Foot Brake) Inhibit. 4QD series only.
  17. Forward - Off - Reverse mode.
  18. Over voltage protection.
  19. Undervoltage cutback.
  20. Gain adjustment, Pots and input.
  21. Joystick (aka wig-wag).
  22. Parking brake driver.
  23. Braking light driver.
  24. Pot fault protection.
  25. High pot Lock-out.
  26. Reverse polarity protection.
  27. Main Capacitor.
  28. Radio Control.
  29. Tacho generator feedback
  30. Voltage Following
  31. Double heading.

Pages available, indexed alphabetically

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