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We are asked many technical questions about motors and motor control so we have prepared this section of the site to answer some of the commoner questions.

There is a lot of information here: although we retain copyright on it you are free to duplicate it for your own use: if you want to give it to friends you may, provided our header and this copyright notice remain in the document. You may also quote sections of it on condition that you also quote the source.

The information herein is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. Every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information but 4QD and the author can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions nor for any damages resulting from the use of the information herein.

Some of the info in this FAQ sheet gets quite technical: if you are new to controllers we have a 'guided tour' of controller features which explains simply most of the features incorporated into modern controllers and why they are needed. You may like to read this first then return here for more detailed information.

It is also quite possible that you will need to read this FAQ sheet more than once: understanding grows slowly and often people do not realise the questions they need to ask until they have gained more understanding - after finishing the FAQ sheet - so do not realise that they have read the info but have not remembered it! Nothing is more frustrating to an author than to get asked questions which he has already gone to great lengths to answer in writing!

All of our drives are protected: provided you don't actually connect them wrongly or short out the motor, they will survive almost any type of motor. We regularly use a 12v starter motor as a test load, stalling the motor with a monkey wrench. You need not be too worried about trying out the drives if you aren't certain. They are fully guaranteed.


A quick Questions and answers section

Explanations of controller features and terminology


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