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What controls will I need?

4QD's battery motor speed controllers, described elsewhere on this site, are the power 'amplifier' alone. For a complete system you will also need to add hand controls and wiring.

Speed pot: this is always necessary but we have several choices varying from a simple rotary speed pot to twist grips, plunger pots (for foot control) and a finger-tip 'bicycle bell' style throttle.

On/off switch: is optional: it is often satisfactory to simply turn the speed control to zero but an extra switch gives added security. We offer toggles, rockers, push and key operated.

Reversing switch: only needed with a reversing controller but the controller needs something to enable the user to tell it which direction it should go. This is only a low current control signal so virtually any switch can be used: rocker and toggle are good for operation from a control panel but if you want you put a real gear stick on your child's car, try a reed switch.

Other controls: you can fit collision detectors, joysticks, battery condition indicators etc. Ask us if you want more help.

Control boxes and leads

We can also offer hand control boxes, with speed pot, reversing switch etc. already fitted.

Interface boards

Robot wars, radio control, tacho generator, joystick etc.


Control cables: we offer multicore cables, by the metre, to suit the connectors on our amplifiers.

Power cable: is also available by the metre.


Power: a range of power connectors for battery and motors is available if you require them.

Control: connectors for controls should you wish to be able to dismantle your machine.

Power Leads

A selection of pre-crimped power leads for battery and motor connections.

Battery Condition Meters

The most useful and necessary method of telling how much charge is in your battery is by monitoring the battery voltage. Our LED meters also add instant appeal to any control panel.

We offer a range of LED meters.

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On each page there is a selection of items - usually with a picture. Each item has a reference number. This is its part number which is listed on the price list and which should be used as your order code.

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