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Welcome to 4QD's home page.

4QD manufacture electronic motor speed controllers for battery operated electric motors.

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New product soon to be available

NewOur established and proven Battery Condition meters are being re-designed. The first one is our 5 LED 24v battery meter which is about to become a postage stamp sized board.

The existing meters are still available.

Recent additions

Our latest Programmable controller: called the Prog-150, this uses digital technology and includes the programmer. Details are available.

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There is a lot of information in this site, which is one of three 4QD sites: if you are interested in the information on offer you will surely need to bookmark it for many return visits! The size of the site means it can get difficult to find things - especially if you do not know what the site contains!

The site is therefore divided into commonly used areas - but there are more not-so-common areas, so do keep reading!

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